Spacecapades (3).png

After many eons of peace and harmony, Elektra has been released! How will the DAM Fam save the Cosmic Circus and imprison this evil alien for good? Join us on an intergalacic adventure with circus acts that will blast you off into outer space. HURRY. The planets need your help!


  • 90 minutes of family friendly circus entertainment

  • Aerial dance, fire, contortion, pole dance, chair dance!

  • An all eco-friendly fashion show incorporated into the story line of our adventure! A stellar collection by Yourphoriclothing!

  • Music inspired by David Bowie


Performances By: Alexa Von Kickinface, Anna Yanushkevich, Ariel Tucker-Jones, Cola Claret, Drago Nesa, Krista Smithers, Luna Finn, Mega, Razzvio, Quin de la Noche, Yoko Taketani

**Use Code "earybirb5" until May 13 (Friday the 13th) to receive $5 off any ticket tier!**