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Black Sky

Greetings Earthlings!

Welcome to Cosmic Expedition!  An intergalactic circus adventure through time and space. The Cosmic Circus has lived in the galaxy for many years, only hearing of the tales of Elektra and her ability to steal each star from the sky and wipe out entire planets. Now, Elektra has awoken and she has her eyes set on the Cosmic Circus. Will the inhabitants be able to ban together to save their planet or will they fall into darkness?

An original story with original music, costuming and set design produced by DAM Circus.



VIDEO: Kenny Hoff // EDIT: Luna Finn // MUSIC: Razzvio // SOUND & LIGHTS: Alex Veterano


Ariel Tucker-Jones // Razzvio // Alexa Von KickinFace // Maia Montes-Walker // Mega // Drago Nesa // Anna Yanushkevich // Fischer Yan // Cola Claret // Luna Finn // Yoko Taketani // NJ Szweda


Amara Storm // Camille Yabut // Kat Laira // Codellia Rose // Ling Ling Lee // Gina Goldblatt // Kimberly Hope // Jehan Khateeb

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Black Sky

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