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DAM (Dragons, Aliens, and Mermaids) Circus is a collective  of circus adventurers, quest seekers, and story tellers creating breathtaking  productions in The Bay Area and beyond. 

As a collective, we aim to create beautiful spectacles that are specific to your event and vision. Whether it be a small get together, a corporate event, or a theatrical production, we have you covered.

The DAM fam seeks to grow not only as a collective, but as individual performers, always striving to improve and learn.

We are deeply honored that you have chosen to join us on this adventure and look forward to sharing our future endeavors as we continue to evolve! Welcome to the DAM Circus!

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Noteable Performances and Venues

Justin Martin


Vintage Culture

Ivy Lab


The Glitch Mob

Satori of Beats Antique

Coachella Music Festival

The Great Star Theater