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Howdy! And welcome to Salooniverse! The most outlandish, Western(ish) inspired cirque adventure you ever did lay your eyes on!

The townsfolx are in a tizzy about the string of robberies happening up and down the California coast and there's rumors a-brewin' that the next stop is RIGHT IN THIS HERE TOWN of Peri Gap!

Pearl's invited everyone over to her saloon so they can get to the bottom of these unfortunate events and start discussin' how to nab an outlaw or two!

You never quite know who will roll into town... or what.

Join DAM Circus at the Palace Theater for a rootin' tootin' good time that'll leave ya beggin' for more!

Chloe piano poster.png



In Collaboration with: Boxcar Theatre

Produced by: Luna Finn

Technical Director: Drago Nesa

Music Director: Razzvio

Stage Manager: Bubbles From Earlier

Music: Razzvio & PLASTY

Sound: Kevin Proctor

Lights: Dan Weierman

Rigging: Alex Veterano

Photography: Subversive Photography

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